Show Results

2016 Show Results


B Bar Austin Healy 4D ET

Agribition – Presidents Classic Breed Champion & 4th Overall

Agribition – Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion

National Limousin Show Senior Bull Calf and Reserve Champion Bull

Olds Fall Classic Bull Calf Champion & Grand Champion Bull

ab16-42-7615Hunt Credentials 37C ET

Agribition Reserve Champion Junior Bull

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Junior Bull

Olds Fall Classic Junior Champion Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Bull

PA EX Interbreed Junior Champion Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Bull

uzx-19d-nationaljpgB Bar Starburst 19D :: Sold to Martens Livestock, SK

Agribition – 3rd in class

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

ab16-42-7061B Bar Urban Girl 35C  :: Sold to Norfolk Cattle,ON

Agribition – 1st Lady Classic Reserve Breed Champoin

Agribition – 2nd in class

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Junior Female

2015 Show Results

uzx_1b-mt15-91-55102grp4934_res_lm_bullB Bar Cognac 1B

Owned by Franseen Limousin,WI; Grand Meadow Farms, WI; Peterson Limousin, WI; Clark Cattle, ON; B Bar Cattle, SK; Mandayen Limousin, AUS

Canadian Western Agribition Reserve Champion Limousin Bull

Edmonton Farm Fair International Grand Champion Limousin Bull

Top 5 in the Alberta Beef Supreme Show

Olds Fall Classic Reserve Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Bull

PA Ex Interbreed Junior Bull Champion/Interbreed Reserve Champion Bull

uzx_21b_2mt15-91-54642grp4914_res_lm_femaleB Bar Foxtrot 21B :: Owned by Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON

Canadian Western Agribition 1st in class

Edmonton Farm Fair International Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

Olds Fall Classic Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

mt15-91-5504B Bar Soot 25B :: Owned by Hewson Land and Cattle Company, SK

Farm Fair International/Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up  3rd in class

Congrats to Hewson’s on doing a tremendous job exhibiting Soot 25B!

rsz_uzx_27bB Bar Urban Girl 27B :: Owned by Darling Farms, ON

Royal Winter Fair National Limousin Show 2nd in a class of 12

Warkworth Fair Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Female

Congrats to Darling’s on developing and exhibiting this exciting breeding piece!

2014 Show Results

uzx_100aB Bar Urban Girl 100A-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in class

Owned by Windy Gables Limousin

uzx_21bB Bar Foxtrot 21B-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in class

Owned by Hawkeye Land & Cattle

uzx_20bB Bar Shania 20B-CWA National Limousin Show 4th in class

Owned by Lingley Limousin

rsz_uzx_1b-decB Bar Cognac 1B- CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in Class

Owned by Franseen Limousin, Grand Meadow Farms, Peterson Limousin, Clark Cattle, Mandayen Limousin

uzx_5b-decB Bar Brick 5B- CWA National Limousin Show 4th in Class

Owned by Hawkeye Land and Cattle and Maryvale Limousin

rsz_uzx_25b-decB Bar Soot 25B-CWA National Limousin Show 4th in Class

Owned by Hewson Land & Cattle Co.

rsz_uzx_38aB Bar Urban girl 38A-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in Class

2013 Show Results


B Bar Nicole 35A-Owned by Triple R Limousin, MB

CWA/Olds- 3rd in class

uzx_38a_2B Bar Urban Girl 38A

CWA-Junior Heifer Calf Reserve Champion :: Olds Fall Classic-Heifer Calf Reserve Champion

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A-Owned by Symens Brothers Limousin/ Warren Symens, SD

CWA-3rd in class :: Olds Fall Classic-Heifer Calf Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z-Owned by Greenwood Limousin

CWA-Junior Female Reserve Champion :: Olds Fall Classic-Junior Female Champion/Champion Limousin Female

uzx_22aB Bar Chivas Regal 22A

CWA-2nd in class :: Olds Fall Classic-Bull Calf Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Bull/Reserve Champion Star of Tommorow Bull Calf Jackpot

2012 Fall

UZX3ZB Bar Titanium 3Z

Olds Fall Classic/CWA-Reserve Champion Sr Bull Calf

National Limousin Show- Sr Champion Bull Calf/Reserve Champion Bull

UZX50ZB Bar Brass 50Z

Canadian National Limousin Show & CWA -Reserve Champion Jr. Bull Calf

UZX17ZB Bar Shania 17Z

Canadian National Limousin Show & CWA-Reserve Champion Sr Heifer Calf

rezMBH207YB Bar Party Gal 207Y MBH 207Y

Canadian National Limousin Show-2nd in class

CWA-4th in class