Show Results

2017 Show Results

UZX 60E FFUZX 60E CWAUZX 60E HotshotB Bar/Martens Kilo 60E ET :: owned with Martens Livestock, SK

2017 Undefeated Junior Bull Calf Champion

National Show Junior Bull Calf and Reserve Champion Bull

Legends of the Fall Limousin Breed Reserve Champion

Agribition Junior Bull Calf Champion

Presidents Classic Limousin Breed Reserve Champion

RPY 23C FFRPY 23C CWARPY Paynes Cristy 23C :: Owned with Payne Livestock, SK

National Show 2 year old Champion and Reserve Champion Female

Agribition Champion Female

JYF 35C FFJYF 35C CWAJYF Chunk 35C :: Owned with J. Yorga Farms, SK

National Show Reserve Senior Bull

Agribition Reserve Senior Bull

RPY 17E CWARPY 17E Presidents ClassicRPY 17E HotshotRPY Paynes Cracker 17E :: Owned with Andrew Ranches, AB and Payne Livestock, SK

Legends of the Fall Limousin Breed Champion

Agribition Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion

Presidents Classic Limousin Breed Champion & 4th Overall

2016 Show Results


B Bar Austin Healy 4D ET

Agribition – Presidents Classic Breed Champion & 4th Overall

Agribition – Reserve Senior Bull Calf Champion

National Limousin Show Senior Bull Calf and Reserve Champion Bull

Olds Fall Classic Bull Calf Champion & Grand Champion Bull

ab16-42-7615Hunt Credentials 37C ET

Agribition Reserve Champion Junior Bull

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Junior Bull

Olds Fall Classic Junior Champion Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Bull

PA EX Interbreed Junior Champion Bull & Reserve Grand Champion Bull

uzx-19d-nationaljpgB Bar Starburst 19D :: Sold to Martens Livestock, SK

Agribition – 3rd in class

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Senior Heifer Calf

ab16-42-7061B Bar Urban Girl 35C  :: Sold to Norfolk Cattle,ON

Agribition – 1st Lady Classic Reserve Breed Champoin

Agribition – 2nd in class

National Limousin Show Reserve Champion Junior Female

2015 Show Results

uzx_1b-mt15-91-55102grp4934_res_lm_bullB Bar Cognac 1B

Owned by Franseen Limousin,WI; Grand Meadow Farms, WI; Peterson Limousin, WI; Clark Cattle, ON; B Bar Cattle, SK; Mandayen Limousin, AUS

Canadian Western Agribition Reserve Champion Limousin Bull

Edmonton Farm Fair International Grand Champion Limousin Bull

Top 5 in the Alberta Beef Supreme Show

Olds Fall Classic Reserve Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Bull

PA Ex Interbreed Junior Bull Champion/Interbreed Reserve Champion Bull

uzx_21b_2mt15-91-54642grp4914_res_lm_femaleB Bar Foxtrot 21B :: Owned by Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON

Canadian Western Agribition 1st in class

Edmonton Farm Fair International Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

Olds Fall Classic Junior Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

mt15-91-5504B Bar Soot 25B :: Owned by Hewson Land and Cattle Company, SK

Farm Fair International/Lloydminster Stockade Round-Up  3rd in class

Congrats to Hewson’s on doing a tremendous job exhibiting Soot 25B!

rsz_uzx_27bB Bar Urban Girl 27B :: Owned by Darling Farms, ON

Royal Winter Fair National Limousin Show 2nd in a class of 12

Warkworth Fair Reserve Grand Champion 4-H Female

Congrats to Darling’s on developing and exhibiting this exciting breeding piece!

2014 Show Results

uzx_100aB Bar Urban Girl 100A-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in class

Owned by Windy Gables Limousin

uzx_21bB Bar Foxtrot 21B-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in class

Owned by Hawkeye Land & Cattle

uzx_20bB Bar Shania 20B-CWA National Limousin Show 4th in class

Owned by Lingley Limousin

rsz_uzx_1b-decB Bar Cognac 1B- CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in Class

Owned by Franseen Limousin, Grand Meadow Farms, Peterson Limousin, Clark Cattle, Mandayen Limousin

uzx_5b-decB Bar Brick 5B- CWA National Limousin Show 4th in Class

Owned by Hawkeye Land and Cattle and Maryvale Limousin

rsz_uzx_25b-decB Bar Soot 25B-CWA National Limousin Show 4th in Class

Owned by Hewson Land & Cattle Co.

rsz_uzx_38aB Bar Urban girl 38A-CWA National Limousin Show 2nd in Class

2013 Show Results


B Bar Nicole 35A-Owned by Triple R Limousin, MB

CWA/Olds- 3rd in class

uzx_38a_2B Bar Urban Girl 38A

CWA-Junior Heifer Calf Reserve Champion :: Olds Fall Classic-Heifer Calf Reserve Champion

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A-Owned by Symens Brothers Limousin/ Warren Symens, SD

CWA-3rd in class :: Olds Fall Classic-Heifer Calf Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Female

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z-Owned by Greenwood Limousin

CWA-Junior Female Reserve Champion :: Olds Fall Classic-Junior Female Champion/Champion Limousin Female

uzx_22aB Bar Chivas Regal 22A

CWA-2nd in class :: Olds Fall Classic-Bull Calf Champion/Reserve Champion Limousin Bull/Reserve Champion Star of Tommorow Bull Calf Jackpot

2012 Fall

UZX3ZB Bar Titanium 3Z

Olds Fall Classic/CWA-Reserve Champion Sr Bull Calf

National Limousin Show- Sr Champion Bull Calf/Reserve Champion Bull

UZX50ZB Bar Brass 50Z

Canadian National Limousin Show & CWA -Reserve Champion Jr. Bull Calf

UZX17ZB Bar Shania 17Z

Canadian National Limousin Show & CWA-Reserve Champion Sr Heifer Calf

rezMBH207YB Bar Party Gal 207Y MBH 207Y

Canadian National Limousin Show-2nd in class

CWA-4th in class