Past Female Sale Highlights

2018 National Limousin Solid Gold Sale

Lot 6 was selected in the choice lot for $8,000 from Martens Livestock, SK

B Bar/Hawkeye Molly 42F ET

2017 – March 17 Sale : 3 Heifers Averaged $5,583

uzx-13d-januaryjpgLot 30 – B Bar Cassidy 13D : $8,500 to Clark Cattle Co.,ON & KS Limousin, NY

uzx-2d-januaryLot 31 – B Bar Jeopardy 2D : $4,500 to South Fork Ranch, SD

uzx-46d-januaryjpgLot 32 – B Bar Nicole 46D : $3,750 to Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON


New Years Resolution Sale – Managed by Bohrson Marketing Services

uzx_2b_march_1Thank You Norfolk Cattle, ON for purchasing our embryo lot in the New Years Resolution Sale

B Bar Urban Girl 2B x Hunt Credentials 37C ET :: $1,500 x 3!

rsz_uzx_17cThank you Larry Morrison, ON for purchasing all 50 units at $100/unit

Solid Gold Agribition Limousin Sale – Managed by Bohrson Marketing Services

rsz_uzx_35cThank you Norfolk Cattle, ON for purchasing B Bar Urban Girl 35C as the high selling lot at $15,500!



B Bar Nicole 23D :: Sold to Martens Livestock, SK

rsz_uzx_1dB Bar Nicole 1D :: 1/2 Sold to Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON

Red Revival II Online Sale – Managed by MC Marketing Management

rsz_htz_24b_june_2016_frontThank you Petersons L7 Bar, SD for purchasing all 100 units for $5,000.

National Advantage Limousin Sale in Brandon, MB – Managed by Bohrson Marketing Services

uzx-19djpg B Bar Starburst 19D :: $6,000 to Martens Livestock, SK

March 18th Sale – 3 Heifers Averaged $7,400

uzx_18cLot 46 – B Bar Urban Girl 18C :: $8,000 to RCN Livestock, SK

uzx_46cLot 47 – B Bar Urban Girl 46C :: $7,700 to Franseen Limousin, WI

uzx_1cLot 48 – B Bar Starburst 1C :: $6,500 to Gerry Villeneau, SK


rsz_img_6162Thank you to Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON for purchasing the Pick of our 2015 Heifer Calves for $16,000!

Matt Heleniak picked B Bar Molly 11C, watch for this powerful individual in years to come!

rsz_1uzx_2b_2B Bar Urban Girl 2B :: 1/2 interest sold privately to Martens Cattle Co., SK

rsz_wgc_23n_2015_julyThank you to these 2 programs for selecting our embryo lot co-consigned with Venture Livestock, AB

Campbell Limousin, MB :: CAM Poll Nadine x COLE Architect 08A :: $800 x 5!

Norfolk Cattle, ON :: CAM Poll Nadine x B Bar Cognac 1B :: $950 x 3!

uzx6s-11Thank You Carpenter Cattle Co. SK and Brandon Dyck, SK for purchasing our embryo lot in the New Years Resolution Sale

B Bar Starburst 6S x B Bar Cognac 1B :: $1,300 x 3!

B Bar Starburst 6S x COLE Architect 08A :: $1,300 x 3!


uzx_21bB Bar Foxtrot 21B :: $9,500 to Hawkeye Land & Cattle, ON

uzx_20bB Bar Shania 20B :: $5,500 to Lingley Limousin, AB

uzx_100aB Bar Urban Girl 100A :: $5,500 to Windy Gables Limousin, ON

rsz_uzx_27bB Bar Urban Girl 27B :: Sold Privately to Darling Farms, ON
rsz_1mbh_118uAnchor B Urban Girl x RPY Paynes Derby 46Z :: $1,200/egg to Skull Creek Ranch, SK


UZX 2A-1B Bar Urban Girl 2A :: $7,250-Symens Brothers & Warren Symens, SD

rsz_uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z :: $5,250-Greenwood Limousin, SK

UZX 35A-1B Bar Nicole 35A :: $5,000-Triple R Limousin, MB

rsz_uzx_13a2B Bar Jeopardy 13A :: $3,000-New Life Limousin, ON

UZX 9Z(1)B Bar Foxtrot 9Z :: $5,200-DC Farms, AB

rsz_uzx21zB Bar Nicole 21Z :: $4,700-Walter Kelbert/Journeys End Ranch, MB

rsz_1mbh_118uAnchor B Urban Girl

Embryos to Normand Garneau,QC; Eric Martens, SK; J. Yorga Farms.SK

Flush to New Life Limousin, ON



B Bar Sugar Sugar 31Z :: Purchased privately by Darling Farms

UZX17Z-11B Bar Shania 17Z :: $5,250-Four Mac Farms, ON

rezMBH207YB Bar Party Gal 207Y :: $4,300-Gibson Farms, ON

MBH118U-1Anchor B Urban Girl :: $2,500-Circle T Limousin purchased the right to flush

MBH210Y-1B Bar Bright Light 210Y :: $3,000-Combest Limousin

MBH230Y-1B Bar Wish 230Y :: $2,400-Bercol Limousin