• UZX 2B
  • REG#CPF0217772
  • 01 JANUARY 2014


BW WW YW Milk SC Doc REA Marb
3.0 72 110 36 0.85 9 0.71 -0.42

KAJO Responder 120R

[sire] RPY Paynes Derby 46Z

Ivy's Polled Princess 1P

ROMN Made To Order

[dam] Anchor B Urban Girl

B Bar Red Pepper

::2013 Masterfeeds Dam of the Year::


In just a short period of time Urban Girl has become a phenomenal producing Made to Order female. A cow that we are proud to have raised in our program, more about she was one of our picks in the fall of 2008 through the lease agreement with Anchor B. Urban Girl is sound, bold ribbed, thick andstout. For those of you who like EPDs check on Urban Girls as she ranks in the top 10% or better in many categories. Predictability is in her genetics as she stems from the TUN 42X cow family that has had a big influence in our herd. 6 sons have sold for an average of $17,000 and have made a heavy influence on the Limousin breed. Daughters are the first picked for sale and find themselves in some of the most prestigious herds in North America. This cow has done it all and continues to be a major influence in our herd!

uzx_41c_december_6_2015Son-B Bar Graphite 41C

uzx_7cB Bar Urban Girl 7C :: 9 month daughter

uzx_3cB Bar Urban Girl 3C :: 9 month daughter

uzx_35cB Bar Urban Girl 35C :: 8 month daughter

uzx_46cB Bar Urban Girl 46C :: daughter

uzx_64cB Bar Urban Girl 64C :: 6.5 month daughter

rsz_uzx_38aB Bar Urban Girl 38A


uzx_1b_sept_17_2015rr15-91-7855B Bar Cognac 1B UZX 1B

[$25,500 to Franseen Limousin, Grand Meadow Limousin, Peterson Limousin, Clark Cattle, Australian Rights: Mandayen Limousin]

uzx_5b-decB Bar Brick 5B UZX 5B

[$23,000 son to Hawkeye Land and Cattle, Australian Rights to Maryvale Limousin]

uzx_100aB Bar Urban Girl 100A UZX 100A

[daughter, sold to Windy Gables Limousin, ON]

uzx_2b_march_1B Bar Urban Girl 2B UZX 2B

[daughter 1/2 interest sold to Martens Cattle Co.]

rsz_uzx_27bB Bar Urban Girl 27B

[daughter, sold to Darling Farms, ON]

uzx_16bB Bar Urban Girl 16B UZX 16B


UZX3Z (2)

B Bar Titanium 3Z  UZX 3Z

[son, 2012 Reserve National Champion Bull]

[$24,000 son, to Bar 3R Limousin, Payne Livestock and]

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A UZX 2A

[daughter, sold to Symens Brothers Limousin & Warren Symens, SD]

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z

[daughter, sold to Greenwood Limousin]

:: Heterozygous Polled ::

Owned with Martens Livestock

UZX 60EJPG2 month old son B Bar/Martens Kilo 60E ET

uzx-50djpgSon B Bar/Martens Audi 50D sold to Arlo Flaterud, unhealthy SK

uzx_2bB Bar Urban Girl 2B – March 1, tadalafil 2016

uzx_1b-B Bar Cognac 1B – Full Brother

uzx_5b-decB Bar Brick 5B – Full Brother

rsz_1mbh_118uAnchor B Urban Girl 118U