• WGC 23N
  • REG#CPF0160277
  • 27 JANUARY 2003


BW WW YW Milk SC Doc REA Marb
2.1 57 76 34 0.50 7 0.23 -0.37


[sire] TMF KODIAK 210K





::2013 Masterfeeds Dam of the Year::


In just a short period of time Urban Girl has become a phenomenal producing Made to Order female. A cow that we are proud to have raised in our program, buy she was one of our picks in the fall of 2008 through the lease agreement with Anchor B. Urban Girl is sound, bold ribbed, thick andstout. For those of you who like EPDs check on Urban Girls as she ranks in the top 10% or better in many categories. Predictability is in her genetics as she stems from the TUN 42X cow family that has had a big influence in our herd. 6 sons have sold for an average of $17,000 and have made a heavy influence on the Limousin breed. Daughters are the first picked for sale and find themselves in some of the most prestigious herds in North America. This cow has done it all and continues to be a major influence in our herd!

 Embryos by  DVCL Mr Unbelievable U03

rsz_uzx_38aB Bar Urban Girl 38A


rsz_uzx_1b-B Bar Cognac 1B UZX 1B

[$25,500 to Franseen Limousin, Grand Meadow Limousin, Peterson Limousin, Clark Cattle, Australian Rights: Mandayen Limousin]

uzx_5b-decB Bar Brick 5B UZX 5B

[$23,000 son to Hawkeye Land and Cattle, Australian Rights to Maryvale Limousin]

uzx_100aB Bar Urban Girl 100A UZX 100A

[daughter, sold to Windy Gables Limousin, ON]

rsz_1uzx_2b_2B Bar Urban Girl 2B UZX 2B

[daughter sold to Martens Cattle Co.]

rsz_uzx_27bB Bar Urban Girl 27B

[daughter, sold to Darling Farms, ON]

uzx_16bB Bar Urban Girl 16B UZX 16B


UZX3Z (2)

B Bar Titanium 3Z  UZX 3Z

[son, 2012 Reserve National Champion Bull]

[$24,000 son, to Bar 3R Limousin, Payne Livestock and]

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A UZX 2A

[daughter, sold to Symens Brothers Limousin & Warren Symens, SD]

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z

[daughter, sold to Greenwood Limousin]

uzx_39a-B Bar Dorada 39A UZX 39A

[son, sold to Truno Farms]

::Heterozygous Polled::


Unique Gal is a young female quickly proving her worth. Sired by the JYF Paladin bull she has turned into a beautiful uddered female. She also stems from the Foxtrot cow family that created interest in the Anchor B Dispersal with a high selling bred and cow/calf pair. Unique Gal is sweet fronted, this web big ribbed, approved and sound with a gorgeous udder. Watch for progeny of this female in the future.

B Bar Foxtrot 21B UZX 21B

[daughter, tadalafil sold to Hawkeye Land and Cattle Company, ON]

UZX 9Z(1)B Bar Foxtrot 9Z UZX 9Z

[daughter, sold to DC Farms, AB]

MBH 208XAnchor B Enclave 208X

[son, sold to Lyndon Simonson]

rezMBH207YB Bar Party Gal 207Y

[daughter, sold to Gibson Farms]

rsz_uzx31z-1B Bar Sugar Sugar 31Z UZX 31Z

[maternal sister]

UZX 3SB Bar Polled Sugarland UZX 3X


::  Homozygous Polled  ::

BW 88  Adj WW 727  Adj YW 1263

 Adj Yearling Scrotal 41cm         Mature Scrotal 44cm

We started searching for new genetics to cross on our ROMN Made To Order and Wulfs Tibon females. In December of 2011 with the help of Kiley McKinna we came across DVCL Mr Unbelievable down at Venner Limousin in Iowa. Mr. Unbelievable has a twist to his pedigree, this big scrotal, is athletic and has a tremendous amount of muscle shape. Progeny off this herdsire have been well accepted down in the states as show champions and sale toppers. Look for progeny off this exciting herd sire in our program

uzx_17c_december_6_2015Son – B Bar Slate 17C

uzx_19cSon- B Bar Quartz 19C

rsz_uzx_31b-decB Bar Rust 31B

[$21,500 son to Eden Meadows Farm, SK]

rsz_uzx_5a-B Bar Iceberg 5A UZX 5A

[son, sold to Dennis Meaden]

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A UZX 2A

[daughter, sold to Symens Brothers Limousin & Warren Symens, SD]

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z

[daughter, sold to Greenwood Limousin, SK]

uzx_7a__2015B Bar Starburst 7A UZX 7A


uzx_19a_2015B Bar Karisma 19A


Owned with Venture Livestock, see AB