• HUNT 37C
  • REG#NPM2074458
  • 21 February 2015


BW WW YW Milk SC Doc REA Marb
0.7 87 121 29 0.60 26 0.42 0.06

Hunt Ross 42R

[sire] Hunt Testament 40T

Hunt Ruth 07R

Wulfs Signature 9302S

[dam] JKTW Whiskey River 985W

JKTW Raddison 6602R

:: Homozygous Polled ::

Canadian Semen Rights Owned by B Bar Cattle,SK

Owned by Wulf Cattle,MN and Hunt Limousin Ranch,NE

Australian Semen Rights owned by Western Gold Limousin, Pelican Rise Limousin, Tanybryn Park Limousin

7 sons average $10,250 in our 2017 December Bull & Female Sale


UZX 24EJPGdaughter B Bar Nicole 24E

UZX 52EJPGdaughter B Bar/Martens Urban Girl 52E ET

rsz_uzx_28edaughter B Bar Nicole 28E

UZX 23EJPGdaughter B Bar/CCC Cotton Jenny 23E


son :: B Bar / Martens Kilo 60E ET :: $21,000 to South Fork Ranch, SD

2017 National Show Junior Bull Calf and Reserve Champion Bull!

2017 CWA Junior Bull Calf Champion

Undefeated Junior Bull Calf Champoin

UZX 39EJPGson :: B Bar Papa 39E :: $9,000 to Haystack Acres, ON

rsz_b_bar_delta_25e_uzx_25eson :: B Bar Delta 25E :: $10,000 to Yandell Limousin Ranch, TX

b UZX 30EJPGson – B Bar Mike 30E

$7,250 to Laurie anbd Alan Mattie, ON

UZX 18EJPGson- B Bar November 18E

$9.500 to Roslin Enterprises, ON

UZX 65EJPGson – B Bar Lima 65E

$7,500 Roslin Enterprises, ON

UZX 36EJPGson B Bar Hotel 36E

$7,500 to Campbell Limousin, MB and NYK Cattle Company, MB

Daughter B Bar Foxtrot 32EJPGdaughter B Bar Foxtrot 32E

rsz_uzx_52edaughter B Bar / Martens Urban Girl 52E

hunt-37cHunt Credentials 37C ET – November 18, 2016