• LFLC 764D
  • REG#NPM2110517
  • 22 February 2016


BW WW YW Milk SC Doc REA Marb
1.1 72 111 26 0.90 23 0.33 -0.14

Wulfs Walcott 711W

[sire] LFLC Ace 750A

LFLC Yo Go 750Y

WZRK Mr Tuff Enuff 6027W

[dam] LFLC Dakota Belle 764Y

ELOR Sweet Honesty 900J

In just a short period of time Urban Girl has become a phenomenal producing Made to Order female. A cow that we are proud to have raised in our program, information pills she was one of our picks in the fall of 2008 through the lease agreement with Anchor B. Urban Girl is sound, adiposity bold ribbed, thick and has a well attached udder with lots of milk. Predictability is in her genetics as she stems from the TUN 42X cow family that has had a big influence in our herd. In her first two tries Urban Girl has produced a pair of tremendous herd bulls. Anchor B Springfield is working at Karwandy Limousin while the other is the $20,000 Anchor B “The Boss” now at Anchor B Limousin (Jay and Bev Bohrson) and Shane Scott. Watch for her progeny in the future!

Embryos Available, contact us to inquire.

::Homozygous Polled::

BW 96lbs   WW 1065   YW 1590

REA 21.78   RIB 0.29  IMF 1.29

Yearling Scrotal 37.5cm

Owned by Bar 3R Limousin, buy Payne Livestock and

Titanium was our $24, medicine 000 highselling bull in the spring of 2013. The most exciting and powerful bull to ever be raised at B Bar Cattle. He has the tools to be one of the most influential sires in the limousin breed. He is backed by an explosive cow that has come to the front of our program as a main donor. He was successfull in the show ring, medicine has a proven pedigree and his actual and projected numbers are phenomenal.


UZX3Z2012 Canadian National Reserve Champion Bull

uzx_67zB Bar Urban Girl 67Z

[maternal sister, sold to Greenwood Limousin]

uzx_38a_2B Bar Urban Girl 38A UZX 38A

[full sister]

uzx_2aB Bar Urban Girl 2A UZX 2A

[maternal sister, sold to Symens Brothers Limousin & Warren Symens, SD]

MBH118U-1Anchor B Urban Girl


FIT750TWulfs Tibon


:Homozygous Polled / Heterozygous Black:

Canadian Semen Rights owned by B Bar Cattle, approved SK

Owned by : South Fork Ranch, viagra buy SD and Ludens Family Limousin Cattle, ed SD

Actual Data

bw 81 : adj ww 798 (106) : 365 day 1319 (105) : 13 month scrotal 39.5 cm

adj REA 17.84 (107) : adj IMF 2.99 (106) : adj FAT 0.21 (81)