16th Annual Anchor B / B Bar / Carpenter Limousin Sale

Friday, March 17th, 2017

We are developing yearling bulls and will be offering a select group for tie broke heifers

continue to check back for updated pictures, video, and data

uzx-3d-1jpgB Bar Duesenberg 3D Tattoo: UZX 3D

uzx-4d-1jpg img_7917jpgB Bar Austin Healy 4D ET Tattoo: UZX 4D

uzx-8djpgB Bar Bentley 8D Tattoo: UZX 8D

rsz_hwk_10dB Bar/Hawkeye Bugatti 10D Tattoo: HWK 10D

uzx-20d-januaryjpgB Bar Lincoln 20D Tattoo: UZX 20D

uzx-24d-januaryjpgB Bar El Camino 24D Tattoo: UZX 24D

rsz_uzx_28dB Bar Jaguar 28D Tattoo: UZX 28D

uzx-45d-januaryjpgB Bar Aston Martin 45D Tattoo: UZX 45D

uzx-49d-januaryjpgB Bar Shelby Cobra 49D Tattoo: UZX 49D

uzx-50djpgB Bar/Martens Audi 50D  Tattoo: UZX 50D

uzx-101cjpgB Bar Camaro 101C Tattoo: UZX 101C

uzx-103c-januaryjpgB Bar Corvette 103C Tattoo: UZX 103C